Community Groups




Community Groups


This is the space where people meet weekly, apart from Sundays, to live out their faith together. The Christian life is meant to be experienced in community. Being a part of a CG allows you to connect deeply with others. We hope to foster a family-like, Spirit-filled, nurturing, and empowering atmosphere so that each of us would live out the Kingdom of God in our lives. Your CG leaders have a shepherding heart that desires to care and encourage each member into their destiny. They have an active prayer life and model Christ-like leadership towards the group. Their heart is to build up future leaders, so that Christ's impact would continue to grow around the community.


A sample meeting: Hello's, Snacks, Ice Breakers Worship Share reflections and have discussions on the Sunday message; learn how to apply it to your life; Share about our lives; Prayer/Ministry Time. Each group consists of 7-15 people from different walks of life and have a different flavour of their own! One thing that is guaranteed is that you will be super blessed! Our CG's love to celebrate and honour each other by celebrating our unique stories and life milestones. Each CG is a missional community that is sent to connect our to connect with out city by sharing the Father heart of God to those seeking an encounter with Him. Not only do we meet to grow together, we meet to serve together.

We meet Twice a month in our smaller groups on a weeknight and once a month in the larger District groups.

Whether you are visitor to Coah or new to the Christian faith, we welcome you! Simply click on the following link to get Sign-up for a CG: CG//Signup

You can also email us to get more info at: