a map of heaven


April 11, Tuesday 2017


The Lord called me before I was born, while I was in my mother's womb he named me. -Isaiah 49:1

The proper good of a creature is to surrender itself to its Creator- to enact intellectually, volitionally, and emotionally, that relationship which is given in the mere fact of its being a creature. When it does so, it is good and happy. Lest we should think this is a hardship, this kind of good begins on a level far above the creatures, for God Himself, as Son, from all eternity renders back to God as Father by filial obedience the being which the Father by paternal love eternally generates in the Son. This is the pattern man was made to imitate- which Paradisal man did imitate- and wherever the will conferred by the Creator is thus perfectly offered back in delighted and delighting obedience by the creature, there, most undoubtedly, is Heaven, and there the Holy Ghost proceeds.

Lords, grant that I may respond to you in love, in the pattern of yielding that you established before time began.